WISE Riverhead High School Students Showcase Research

August 11, 2023

WISE Riverhead High School Students Showcase Research

Students Participate in Post-Doctoral Level Research and Present Findings

RIVERHEAD, NEW YORK (AUGUST 2023) — This past year, Riverhead High School students in the after-school program Women in Science and Technology (WISE) participated in research in conjunction with Stony Brook University researchers. The oceanographic project eight of the students participated in was presented at the WISE Senior Symposium.

“Through WISE, our students have the incredible opportunity to conduct hands-on research with post-doctoral research students and faculty,” said Riverhead Central School District Director of STEM Jeannine Campbell. “These young women are passionate and contributing to amazing research.”

The WISE program is open to young women in grades 10 to 12 who are interested in STEM coursework and careers. The students work alongside post-doctoral research students and faculty throughout the year as active members of the research process. This culminates in a final project with a presentation of their findings.

At the WISE Senior Symposium at Stony Brook University, an oceanographic project highlighting estuary changes throughout Long Island was presented that several Riverhead High School seniors participated in. Emma Ellis, Brianna Luby, Angie Martinez Ortiz, Danna Mejia Rubio, Kimberly Mendez, Michelle Nunez, Isabella Vene and Leah Young proudly shared the research they had conducted throughout the year as part of this project.

“The students in our WISE program enhance their research skills in a manner that will undoubtedly help them during their future studies and research pursuits,” said Riverhead Central School District Superintendent Dr. Augustine E. Tornatore. “The District is exceptionally proud of all these young women have accomplished and will continue to achieve.”



Riverhead Central School District Director of STEM Jeannine Campbell with the Riverhead High School students standing beside their research at the WISE Senior Symposium


Riverhead High School WISE seniors proudly holding up certificates recognizing their exceptional work